Coaching Options

All our coaching options aim to improve your communication and performance.

VENUES: We lead coaching sessions in businesses, organisations, schools, private homes and online.

COACHING SUBJECT: Using language effectively to think, express yourself and achieve what you want.

Additionally, as each session is entirely focused on your needs, we are open to requests. For individuals or groups, you may, for example, choose one of the topics below:
· Stress Management:  Achieve your goals and succeed, without being a victim of stress.
· Confidence and clear, effective communication Develop your confidence and self-expression.  Give successful presentations. Connect with your audience and interlocutors. Improve your listening and speaking skills.
· Confidence in English: For non-native speakers of English. Be confident in communicating in English, regardless of your level or the situation.
· Mindfulness and business resilience: Improve your focus, handle pressure and increase your resilience in a highly demanding environment.
· Leadership and Management: Inspire and guide your team to success.
· Persuasion: Understand, practise and adopt constructive persuasion techniques.
· Conflict and problem resolution:  Acquire strategies and skills that will help you settle any worry or dispute, old or new.


Group coaching

Group coaching enables us to address the needs of individuals in a relaxed and informal group of people with similar goals. Although everybody has different concerns, we often find we have common needs, or at least similar needs, that we address together and all learn from.  Group sessions are very special in terms of the atmosphere, as everyone learns from each other’s experiences and coaching.

Individual coaching

· Individual private session
Individual coaching enables us to address your very specific needs and concerns, helping you resolve and go beyond perceived limitations to achieve what you want.

· Online coaching
This is individual coaching, done via email, voice or video calls, with one of our coaches, whose time you pay for at the same rate as our individual private coaching sessions. Although this mode of communication does not have the benefits of talking face to face, it does offer more geographical and scheduling flexibility and allows precious reflection time.


Our prices vary depending on format, location, session length and frequency. Please enquire.

To organise an individual or group session, please CONTACT US.

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Coaching For Language Learning (E. Betham, 2018) This book with downloadable Interactive Projectable Classes in English for professionals describes an LCC model that is applicable to many language and performance coaching situations.