How does LCC work?

The language we use is directly related to our emotions and completely influences how we learn and perform.

Without mindfulness, the words we use for thinking and speaking about a situation are often not aligned with our true intentions and desire to succeed. This is why people are often limited by their opinion of the way they communicate (or by what they think others may think).

Without mindfulness, our opinions appear to us as facts. We assume they are the objective truth. We help you to free yourself from this trap, to nurture the opinions you would choose to have about your abilities, so that you can experience success.

  • At LCC we are not teachers, we are coaches.  We do not arrive with a lesson plan or prepared speech or subject. Instead, we construct each of our sessions around the person or the group we work with.

  • At LCC, we listen to you and pick up on the expression of such limitations.  We make you aware of this happening and empower you to make mindful language choices that work for you.  We focus on your needs.

  • At LCC, we define your goals with you and help you make changes NOW – changes that will enable you to achieve your goals in the future.

  • At LCC, we do not feed you with information, as this is easily forgotten.  We do not give you textbooks or set exams for you.  Instead, we create experiences that help you learn and develop as you want.  We enable you to become passionate about getting answers.

       Tell me, I’ll forget. Show me, I may remember. But involve me, and I’ll understand.  (Confucius)

  • At LCC, we allow you to SEE mistakes as part of your success, TAKE control of your learning and ENJOY the responsibility of getting the results you want and deserve.

  • At LCC, we ensure that you recognise and appreciate your achievements. We issue certificates to highlight your achievements.

    • At LCC, you enjoy achieving your goals.

  • At LCC, you can expect a relaxed, focused and fun environment (yes, focus can include relaxation and fun, as any video gamers will know). Much of your time is spent engaging in powerful conversations, activities, games, presentations and role-plays. These activities shift limiting beliefs and enable you to achieve things you were not previously able to achieve. We include tasks in the real world that confirm that these shifts do not just exist in your mind, they exist in your life!

Frequently asked questions

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Coaching For Language Learning (E. Betham, 2018): This book with downloadable Interactive Projectable Classes in English for professionals describes how LCC is applicable in many language and performance coaching situations. See Publications.

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