What is LCC?

Language & Communication Coaching allows you to develop your communication skills fast.  It involves working with an L&C coach, beyond the technical aspects of language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) at the level of mindfulness (where you notice what works) so that you can be confident when expressing yourself. 

Our methodology is in line with modern language pedagogy and the works of experts in the field (Brown, Chomsky, Mercer, Vygotsky, etc.) and has proved to be very successful. Indeed, Language & Communication Coaching uses language as a tool for effective communication. Moreover, we focus on language in the widest sense of the term, including thoughts and non-verbal language. We work on intra-personal communication (which influences our motives) and inter-personal communication (which influences our relationship with others). Both aspects influence our emotions and performance.

Our coaching techniques draw from solid theories in a variety of domains, such as: Mindfulness and ontology (Philosophy), Leadership and Performance (Management, Economics), Transformative Learning (Education), Semantics, NLP and Clean Language (Linguistics), Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Therapy (Psychotherapy). Language & Communication Coaching uses a solution focused approach to solving and overcoming any perceived problem or obstacles.

Do you want to improve your communication skills?  Do you think that others do not always understand you?  Are you struggling to make a change?  Are you scared of failure? Do you feel anxious when presenting to an audience?  Are you often not at ease with people you have not met before? Are you stressed?   Also, if English is not your first language, you may not feel as comfortable, safe and confident as you would like to be and, as a result, you may not learn as fast and as well.  In all such situations, our coaches enable you to access a frame of mind that helps you be relaxed, stimulated and effective.

Whether you are a student or a professional, in order to learn effectively, you need to learn how to learn.  Our coaches help you develop an awareness of what works best for you, for your learning and your performance in general.

With our coaches, you naturally exercise understanding and using the technicalities, subtleties and intricacies of language, without having to try hard.  This gives you a fast and rewarding sense of personal achievement through language.


Coaching the LCC way

How does LCC work?


Coaching For Language Learning (E. Betham, 2018): This book with downloadable Interactive Projectable Classes in English for professionals describes how LCC is applicable in many language and performance coaching situations. See Publications.

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