Coaching For Language Learning (CFLL)

CFLL is for learners and teachers of English


At LCC, we specialise in Coaching For Language Learning for when English is not your first language, you may not feel as comfortable, safe and confident as you would like to be when you speak English. As a result, you may not learn as fast and as well, or you may not express yourself as you would want to.

Working with an L&C coach, beyond the technical aspects of language (grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation) at the level of mindfulness (where you notice what works) will allow you to enjoy your English and be clear and effective when expressing yourself.

Whether you are a student or a professional, our coaches will help you acquire an awareness of what works best for you in your language learning and for your performance in general.

As coaching is mostly conversation based, you will naturally practice, understand and use the technicalities, subtleties and intricacies of the English language, without having to try hard. This gives you a fast and rewarding sense of personal achievement through language.

Our Coaching for Language Learning methodology is in line with modern language pedagogy and the works of experts in the field (Brown, Chomsky, Mercer, Vygotsky, etc.) and has proved to be very successful. We use language as a communicative tool in real life situations, in order to develop life skills. Therefore authentic language learning happens naturally through relevant content learning.

Moreover, we focus on language in the widest sense of the term, including internal language (practiced in our thoughts) and non-verbal language (tone, intonation, rhythm, etc), as well as emergent grammar and vocabulary. We work on intra-personal communication (which influences our motives) and inter-personal communication (which influences our relationship with others) – because both aspects affect our emotions and our performance.

You will love Coaching For Language Learning and your English will improve fast!

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CFLL is a very practical and rewarding approach for teachers. It allows you to help learners ensure optimal environments and mental states for optimal learning opportunities.

“Great teachers do not just have knowledge in their teaching subject; they do not just provide information and training; and they do not just respond to the individual’s needs. Great teachers guide learners to find their own responses, to understand themselves better, to see what works best for them in different situations, to use language to raise their awareness and speed up acquisition, to go beyond perceived limitations and obstacles, to enjoy learning, to make quantum leaps, and to perform successfully – great teachers coach”. E. Betham

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We highly recommend you read the book An Introduction to Coaching For Language Learning and contact us with any questions relating to CFLL in your practice.

For teacher training in Coaching For Language Learning:

We design courses around your needs and your timetable. Alternatively, you may choose to read the book and then contact us with specific questions relating to your teaching context.

From a learner

“When I booked the LCC way (CFLL in my case), I did not know what I would get. I had just spent two weeks in a normal English school, making slow progress with the language, being frustrated with myself, and not having the confidence to use my English. I was still trying to avoid speaking English. Going the LCC way was my best decision ever. I improved my English more than I expected. I felt like I do when I’m running: ‘fast achieving’, and the biggest surprise for me was that I was looking forward to being in situations where I could use my English back home. Today, every time I use my English, I still remember my amazing experience with LCC. I feel happy expressing myself in English. The LCC way teaches you more than just language. It enables you to find a true connection to foreign languages, and with the coaching, you develop your confidence in many situations, as well as your personal balance and your well-being. If you want to go beyond yourself, LCC is the key to your full potential. Thank you so much!” Julian 2021.