The LCC team

We are a team of experts who have come together through our passion for Language and Communication Coaching and an urgent demand for the services we offer. Therefore, it is our commitment to ourselves and to you to continually move, inspire and activate effective language within every person. We make communication both powerful and joyful.

Meet our LCC and CFLL specialist coaches:

Jonny Baker

Qualifications: MA Psychology of Education (specialism in Language Acquisition), BA (HONS) Visual Communication, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Advanced Master Practitioner.

Jonny loves coaching and helping people develop their potential. He is an expert at getting tangible life-changing results, both with private clients and in mainstream and private education. Jonny is a professional coach, with a broad knowledge, who has specialised in language and communication coaching.

Jonny’s expertise is not only extremely well informed but also highly intuitive. He approaches education through a predominantly experiential and mindful perspective, which sees communication as it is: a powerful human instinct. Jonny recognises that this instinct is within every one of us and simply needs to be activated. This activation is Jonny’s speciality!

Jonny also composes music and sounds for guided meditation and self-hypnosis podcasts. He currently spends his time between Milan and London.

Emmanuelle Betham

Qualifications: MEd (Masters in Education – Applied Linguistics), Cambridge CELTA, Coaching at Work (OU), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Essentials of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).

Emmanuelle is an Educator and Coach, Business owner and Company Director, and the mother of three grown up children, with whom she home-schooled as the family traveled extensively. She is also a French native speaker who has achieved English native speaker level (yes, it is possible!) She is fully bilingual and has an extensive background in teaching and coaching languages and communication, both in England and on Maui, Hawaii. Her work has taken her far beyond traditional language teaching and training and she has first-hand experience of the huge potential for personal development within and through language. Emmanuelle specialises in Language and Communication in the wide sense, for Business, Family, Self-Management and Performance: facilitating Confidence, Resilience and Growth – including in the acquisition of English and French as Foreign Languages.

Emmanuelle is passionate about helping individuals improve their communication skills, in order to achieve clarity, effectiveness and positivity within the person (the self) and between people. She has a sensitivity which gives her an astute awareness of the blocks to success that people hold within themselves. She instinctively understands the needs of her participants and precisely how to work with them to achieve leaps forward in confidence and linguistic skills.