LCC has helped me understand how my language and thinking have an impact on myself and on others in all situations. Now that I know how to take responsibility for that, I am much more clear with myself and in my relationships. I feel much less stressed, much more calm, efficient and productive. A big thank you to Emmanuelle and Jonny!” M.M. (2012)

“Jonny, you are an excellent practitioner and I have no idea how you communicate, but you do so very effectively. Every session has been successful! Where I knew my goal you helped me to achieve it (I not only got the job but I got through that awful meeting successfully). Where the problem was complex and affective, I am now aware of the changes that are making me happier.” Jane Lee (2013)

“Emmanuelle is a professional life coach who is committed to helping people develop themselves in areas concerning language skills, communication and confidence. She has also dedicated herself to helping people faced with personal adversities; using her skills in attentive listening, successful intervention, and problem solving to carefully examine the context of a case before delivering a resolution for it. Her work and her skills are of great value to anyone seeking help and she will go the extra mile for anyone, guaranteed! Thanks Emmanuelle.” Cesare Serventi (2013)

“Jonny is a great coach who listens to more than just the words I say to him and fully understands what I’m saying and not saying. He asks crucial questions that make me realise how to improve and solve things. He does not give me any answers or solutions but enables me to find them. I love consulting him because he really is helpful and I want to recommend him, so that others can benefit from his work and talent.” Anonymous (2014)

“After meeting Emmanuelle I find myself free from worries, connected with a powerful sense of purpose and excitement for any challenges I come up against. I would be foolish not to spread this message for others to gain from her moving and inspiring presence. If something is bothering me or blocking me, Emmanuelle identifies it almost immediately and opens my eyes, where I was totally blind to it. This provides me with the breakthrough I need to make a significant difference in my life and the lives of others. She is the friend who balances complete honesty and commitment to moving forward in life, with a kind and caring nature.” Anonymous (2015)

“Emmanuelle is an amazing coach. She has been transformational for me with aspects of me I was trying to improve on. At a difficult time, and with no background, she has been able to deeply understand me and steer me in the direction I wanted to choose. I only wish I had met her sooner!” A.P. (2019)

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