Interactive Projectable Classes (IPCs) have been designed to provide support for CFLL in practice. Please refer to ‘An Introduction to Coaching For Language Learning’ (E. Betham, 2018): This book with downloadable Interactive Projectable Classes in English for professionals describes how LCC is applicable in many language and performance coaching situations. The book also explains how to use the IPCs below in CFLL.

The first IPC, ‘Introduction to IPCs’, is designed for the use of teacher trainers working with teachers of English who wish to develop their CFLL skills. It will be simply projected and approached in a similar way to the rest of the IPCS.

All other IPCs, listed in alphabetical order, are aimed at adult learners of English as a Second Language (at Lower Intermediate level and up). You may download them and adapt them to your needs.

IPCs focusing on soft skills, marked with an asterisk*, can also be used with native speakers of English.

In all IPCs, teacher notes under each slide guide the teacher to run a CFLL student-lead class.

List of IPCs available for download:

  1. Introduction to IPCs
  2. Business Talk
  3. Communication Aspects*
  4. Conditionals
  5. Conflict Resolution*
  6. Emails
  7. Fluency
  8. Graphs and Charts
  9. Listening*
  10. Modals plus Auxilliaries Dare and Used
  11. Negotiation and Persuasion*
  12. Non-Verbal Communication*
  13. Parts of Speech
  14. Passive Voice
  15. Prepositions
  16. Presentations and Self Confidence*
  17. Phone Calls
  18. Pronunciation and Intonation
  19. Questions and Tags
  20. Resilience and Mindfulness*
  21. Shapes Numbers and Prices
  22. Small Talk
  23. Social Situations
  24. Spelling
  25. Stress Management*
  26. Verb Tense Release

You can either select from the above list or download the full library of IPCs here

New IPCs will be posted here regularly, so please keep checking.

If you would like to request a new IPC subject or have any constructive comments to share, please write to Emmanuelle Betham

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