Coaching Options and Prices


We lead coaching sessions online, through voice or video calls, and depending on your location and that of our coaches, in business premises, schools, or private homes.

Coaching subject

The LCC approach enables us to help people on a wide variety of subjects, associated to your needs in many contexts and specific situations.

As each session is entirely focused on you, we respond to your requests, if you have one. If not, we will help you identify what to prioritize.

In Coaching For Language Learning, we enable you to improve your English and to use the language with confidence and clarity, to achieve what you want.


Group coaching:

Group coaching enables us to address the needs of individuals in a relaxed and informal group of people with similar goals. Although everybody has different concerns, we often find we have common needs, or at least similar needs, that we address together and all learn from. Group sessions are very special in terms of the atmosphere, as everyone learns from each other’s experiences and coaching.

Semi-private and group coaching carried out ONLINE are through video conference.

Individual coaching:

Individual coaching enables us to address your very specific needs and concerns, helping you resolve and go beyond perceived limitations to achieve what you want.

Individual coaching carried out online is via video or audio calls, with one of our coaches.