What is LCC?


LCC is for ALL people: learners, teachers, professionals, executives, community members, adults and children, who would like to achieve something, or make positive changes for themselves.

LCC uses wholesome language in a wholesome approach to enable you to identify and reach your desired outcomes.

1. Wholesome language

Language & Communication Coaching uses language to help you understand yourself (and others) better and guide you to choose what works best for you in different situations. 

LCC focuses on language in the widest sense of the term, including language in self-talk, body language and the language of emotions. We work on intra-personal communication (which influences our motives) and inter-personal communication (which influences our relationship with others). Both aspects affect our thoughts, emotions and performance.

Whether English is your first language or not, LCC encourages you to use your emotional intelligence to solve problems and achieve what you want, while developing your communication skills fast. Our coaches enable you to succeed in difficult or challenging situations by helping you access a frame of mind that allows you to be relaxed, stimulated and effective.

2. A wholesome approach

LCC is operated by a team of widely qualified and experienced coaches with backgrounds in Applied Linguistics, Business, Communication, Education, English for Professionals, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Psychology and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Depending on your specific needs, we will draw on the most appropriate methods to help you find solutions.

Our coaching techniques draw from solid theories in a variety of domains, such as: Mindfulness and Ontology (Philosophy), Leadership and Performance (Management, Economics), Communicative Learning and Transformative Learning (Education), Phonology, Grammar, Semantics, NLP and Clean Language (Linguistics), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Hypnotherapy and Solution Focused Therapy (Psychotherapy).

Language & Communication Coaching uses a solution focused approach to solving and overcoming any perceived problem or obstacles, and answering your questions.

3. Your desired outcomes

Do you know what you want or need? Do you know how to express what you need? Do you know how to achieve what you want?  Is something stopping you from achieving what you want? Are you struggling with something? Do you feel stuck in any way? Are you facing a problem you would like to resolve? Are you involved in a stressful situation or relationship? Do you think that others do not always understand you? Are you scared of failure? Do you want to improve your performance or experience in any domain? Do you want to develop a particular communication skill such as giving presentations, speaking up at meetings, or improving your ability to have sensitive conversations? Is there something else you would like to change, improve or achieve? Are you struggling to make a change?

Desired outcomes and concerns are not only very human but also very individual, so just get in touch so we can target exactly what you want. 

Language Communication Coaching is a very effective way of helping you identify your desired outcomes and find solutions that will work for you.

As coaching focuses on the person, LCC applies to all people in a variety of circumstances. LCC is for professionals, students and the wider community

And if English is not your native language, we also specialize in ESL coaching for language acquisition. LCC is particularly well suited to language learning. The approach we use, Coaching For Language Learning, allows you to enjoy your English, express yourself with confidence, and improve fast.

 LEARN, ACHIEVE or IMPROVE something, anything– and FEEL GOOD about it:

At LCC, we work through various aspects of language and communication and guide you to overcome obstacles that hinder your progress and accomplishments.

This could involve:

  • SOLVING PROBLEMS. Getting out of ‘stuck’ situations.
  • UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF BETTER. Gaining an awareness of how your thoughts affect your behavior and your experience. Learning to manage your internal language so that it doesn’t distract you from your true intentions; being in harmony with yourself.
  • ACQUIRING SELF-CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and ASSERTIVENESS in your work and in your personal life. Being dynamic when you talk (not awkward, embarrassed or intimidated). Connecting with others and networking effortlessly. Improving your listening skills and avoiding misunderstandings. Enhancing your critical skills.
  • MANAGING STRESS. Finding your energy, expressing your creativity, achieving your goals and succeeding, without being a victim of stress.
  • DEALING WITH STRONG EMOTIONS (ANXIETY, ANGER or SADNESS) so as not to let them cloud your rational thinking.
  • IMPROVING a RELATIONSHIP. Understanding yourself and others better. Making good use of the power of language. Acquiring strategies and skills that will help you settle any worry or dispute, old or new.
  • PREVENTING or RESOLVING CONFLICT in communication. Learning to cope with more sensitive conversations and in difficult situations.
  • ENJOYING PUBLIC SPEAKING, delivering powerful and engaging presentations, leading productive meetings and/or seminars.
  • IMPROVING LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Motivating yourself and others. Setting strategic goals. Inspiring and guiding your team to success.
  • DEVELOPING MINDFULNESS and RESILIENCE in business, and in yourself. Improving your focus, handling pressure and increasing your resilience in a highly demanding environment.
  • BOOSTING PARENTING SKILLS (and the messages you convey to your children).
  • Integrating into a NEW SOCIETY, CULTURE, OR FIELD of communication, smoothly and successfully.
  • LEARNING ENGLISH FAST (For non-native speakers of English): You will discover how to enjoy expressing yourself freely in English. Get more vocabulary, clarify relevant grammar, improve pronunciation and FEEL CONFIDENT when you express yourself.

Many variables affect us when we are trying to learn, achieve or improve things. Some elements serve us in desirable helpful ways, while others have unhelpful hindering effects. LCC will help you discern the two, develop useful aspects, and overcome limiting components.

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