The LCC process

At LCC, we work through various aspects of language and communication and guide you to overcome obstacles that hinder your progress and accomplishments in any given situation, or area of your life.

This could involve:

  • SOLVING PROBLEMS. Getting out of ‘stuck’ situations.
  • UNDERSTANDING YOURSELF BETTER. Gaining an awareness of how your thoughts affect your behavior and your experience. Learning to manage your internal language so that it doesn’t distract you from your true intentions; being in harmony with yourself.
  • ACQUIRING SELF-CONFIDENCE, CLARITY and ASSERTIVENESS in your work and in your personal life. Being dynamic when you talk (not awkward, embarrassed or intimidated). Connecting with others and networking effortlessly. Improving your listening skills and avoiding misunderstandings. Enhancing your critical skills.
  • MANAGING STRESS. Finding your energy, expressing your creativity, achieving your goals and succeeding, without being a victim of stress.
  • DEALING WITH STRONG EMOTIONS (ANXIETY, ANGER or SADNESS) so as not to let them cloud your rational thinking.
  • IMPROVING a RELATIONSHIP. Understanding yourself and others better. Making good use of the power of language. Acquiring strategies and skills that will help you settle any worry or dispute, old or new.
  • PREVENTING or RESOLVING CONFLICT in communication. Learning to cope with more sensitive conversations and in difficult situations.
  • ENJOYING PUBLIC SPEAKING, delivering powerful and engaging presentations, leading productive meetings and/or seminars.
  • IMPROVING LEADERSHIP and MANAGEMENT SKILLS. Motivating yourself and others. Setting strategic goals. Inspiring and guiding your team to success.
  • DEVELOPING MINDFULNESS and RESILIENCE in business, and in yourself. Improving your focus, handling pressure and increasing your resilience in a highly demanding environment.
  • BOOSTING PARENTING SKILLS (and the messages you convey to your children).
  • Integrating into a NEW SOCIETY, CULTURE, OR FIELD of communication, smoothly and successfully.
  • LEARNING ENGLISH FAST (For non-native speakers of English): You will discover how to enjoy expressing yourself freely in English. Get more vocabulary, clarify relevant grammar, improve pronunciation and FEEL CONFIDENT when you express yourself – More information here.

Many variables affect us when we are trying to learn, achieve or improve things. Some elements serve us in desirable helpful ways, while others have unhelpful hindering effects. LCC will help you discern the two, develop useful aspects, and overcome limiting components.

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